JSC «Kharkiv Promtransproject Institute» is a member of the following professional organizations:

International Association «SOYUZPROMTRANSNIIPROEKT»

The Association was founded in 1991 and today it is one of the most influential professional association in the design of transport infrastructure in Russia and the CIS. The Association includes nine largest design organizations from Russia and the CIS:

  • JSC «Promtransniiproekt» (Moscow, Russia);
  • JSC «Lenpromtransproekt» (St. Petersburg, Russia);
  • JSC «Ural Promtransproekt» (Ekaterinburg, Russia);
  • JSC «Siberian Promtransproekt» (Novosibirsk, Russia);
  • LLC «Belgorod Promtransproekt» (Belgorod, Russia);
  • PJSC «Kharkov Institute Promtransproekt» (Kharkiv, Ukraine);
  • LLC «PromtransNIIproekt» (Kiev, Ukraine);
  • PJSC «Donetsk Institute Promtransproekt» (Donetsk, Ukraine);
  • «Minsk Promtransproekt» (Minsk, Belarus).
  • «Kazakh Promtransproekt» (Almaty, Kazakhstan);


Members of the Association have more than half a century of experience in the design of complex industrial facilities and transport infrastructure. During the long history the transport components of the largest enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering and the automotive, petrochemical, oil refining industry were built basing on the projects of the Association members.

At present, the Association maintains the bulk of engineering studies, design of roads and railways, artificial structures, all kinds of communications, major industrial and civil destination on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. Member organizations of the Association retain the tradition of maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships and jointly implement the design of large-scale facilities, conduct scientific research on the improvement of transport equipment and technologies, develop regulations on industrial design. Conclusions on research activity are submitted for discussion at the annual coordination meeting of the Association members and are sent to the state authorities.

The union of employers of Kharkiv region «GRANITE»

Associations of Kharkivska Region employers «Granite» was established in July 2008 in order to consolidate regional and sectoral employers’ organizations of our region. Today “Granite” brings together dozens of industrial enterprises, organizations and institutions in Kharkiv and the region, and it is a member of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine (FEU).