The project covers the construction of a 3-storey brick U-shaped building with a basement (the third floor is the attic).

Floor height: 3,3 m. Number of employees: 240.

Total area: 4800 m², building volume: 18,200 m³.
The construction is provided in one stage without starting complexes.

The premises of the office building are divided into main groups on the basis of their functional purposes: production department, engineering department, the premises of sports purposes, the conference hall, administrative and utility rooms, a snack bar, auxiliary and utility rooms.

Building constructions and products

Foundations are strip and made of precast concrete foundation slabs and precast concrete foundation blocks.
The wallings are brick, of hollow-masonry, 640 mm thick(inner layer – hollow ceramic brick, 380 mm thick, the middle layer – of polystyrene (γ = 15 kg / m) insulation 50 mm thick, the outer layer — face ceramic brick 120 mm thick).
Roof and floor covering — made of reinforced concrete with round cavities.
Roof is attic, roof system – of metal rolling profiles, roofing is bituminous tiles on the wooden flooring. Roof insulation — Isover of 90 mm thickness.

Interior walls — ordinary clay bricks.

Partitions — ordinary clay bricks and gypsum by «Knauf» technology.

Floors — linoleum, ceramic tiles, mosaic slabs of concrete, block parquet.
As a supporting structure in the foyer of the building taken armed brick columns and metal beams of rolled sections are used.
The dominant feature of the composition is the glazed main building entrance

Interior decoration — latex paint, wallpaper, plastic wall panels, ceramic tiles, whitewash.

Engineering equipment

Heating of the building – central, water (hot water with 95-70 °C parameters).
Heating system — two-pipe, a dead-end, with the top heat carrier distribution and radiator thermostats. As the heaters, panel radiators «KORADO» and cast iron radiators MS-140-108 are used. The source of heating is the boiler room.
Preparation of hot water for domestic needs is carried out in electric water heaters.
Ventilation — Local exhaust designed for the assimilation of heat and water.

Air conditioning of administrative buildings and facilities of production departments — multi-split systems of autonomous MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MSX-18NY and MSX-10NY air conditioners.

Water — from the existing water supply network. Outdoor network of drinking-water fire line — of polyethylene potable water pipes RE80PN10 SDR11 by «Wavin» company.
Withdrawal of domestic wastewater — into existing onsite sewage network. External networks are laid out PVC pipe company «Wavin» diameter 160 mm.
Internal water supply and sewerage system: domestic fire water plumbing, hot water supply, household and industrial sewage.
Electrical solutions include: built-in transformer substation, 6 kV feeder cable lines, outdoor local driveways lighting, interior lighting, power equipment, plumbing automation control plants, electrochemical protection of cable power lines.

The communication and alarm devices complex includes: installation of telephones, radio, fire and burglar alarms, loud-speaker fire announcements.
The total power requirement for power consumers — 170 kW.
The annual amount of energy: heat — 709 Gcal, water — 910 m3, electricity — 418 MWh.

Innovative design solutions:

  • three-layer walls with an effective polystyrene plates seal;
  • Built-in transformer substation with TSZN-400 dry transformers;
  • electronic equipment overvoltage protection SPD-rj-3K;
  • APC Power Ware 3905-30J-N for computers;
  • cable channels by DKS company;
  • energy-efficient lamps with high light output (14W, 18W and 36W fluorescent lamps);
  • vertical layout frame-panel ventilation units;
  • ducted fans by «Kanalflakt» company;
  • axial fans with automatic blinds and feedback shutters by «Silavent» company;
  • «Mitsubishi Electric MSX» conditioners;
  • «KORADO» steel radiators;
  • boxes for cable telephones and alarm systems of «Inliner» system;
  • remote concentrators PC-5010 and PC-5020 for alarm receiving devices;
  • “Smoke-3” automatic smoke detectors of repeated action
  • Complex equipment «VELLEZ» for the organization of loud-speaker fire announcement;
  • Equipment of administrative premises with Security volume optic-electronic detectors such as «Ruh», the cashier’s office — the blocking detectors on opening the doors and windows, magnetic-contact detectors of type «SOMK 1-1.»