History of the Institute is closely connected with the history of the USSR, at the dawn of which originated Promtransproekt. The formation of the team were in a period of intense industrial capacity-building of the country. Build new and reconstructed old industrial sites are absorbed mineral deposits, we entered into operation of mines. And everywhere I needed a stable transport links to the external network of railways and roads. It was necessary to solve the problem of domestic technological transport to the organization handling that was not possible without the participation of scientists and engineers. This led to the creation of the collective, which was to provide design and budget documentation for new construction and reconstruction of existing industrial facilities of railway transport, and in the first place — the objects of ferrous metallurgy. To this end, in 1928 in Kharkov was created Union of South office of the company «Transstroy» Supreme Economic Council — the prototype of the future institute Promtransproekt. The structure of the office includes two divisions: design department for design and survey works and construction department for the construction works. Zone office began operations in South Ukraine, Crimea, Northern Caucasus, Transcaucasia, South Asian part of the Soviet Union, and the main focus — the development of projects of intra and external rail transport large metallurgical and coking plants.

The key points for further development of the Institute are the following dates:

1932 — according to the decree of the Council of Labor and Defense and the board of the People’s Commissariat of the transport industry of the USSR «Transstroy»

It reorganized into the All-Union Association «Soyuztransstroy», which entered trust «Promtransproekt.» South office as part of the trust was divided into two entities: the project — the Southern Department of the trust «Promtransproekt» and construction — «Yuzhtransstroy»;

1939 — Trust «Promtransproekt» Narkomstroy transferred to the Soviet Union and the Southern Branch of the trust «Promtransproekt»

It was renamed the Kharkov branch.

1941 — In connection with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and the occupation of Kharkov by fascist invaders Kharkov branch «Promtransproekt» evacuated to Novokuznetsk Novosibirsk region for design and survey works on the railway transport the raw material base of Kuzbass and evacuated enterprises;

1943 — «Promtransproekt» returned to Kharkov and resumed its activities on restoration of transport Kharkov, Donets Basin, Transcarpathian and other regions;

1947 — Kharkov branch «Promtransproekt» as part of the trust of the same name passed to its own balance sheet;

1951 — Kharkov branch «Promtransproekt» renamed the Kharkov branch of State Project Institute for Industrial Transport «Promtransproekt»;

1963 — Order of the USSR State Committee for GUI «Promtransproekt» was reorganized into the All-Union Design and Research Institute of Industrial Transport «PromtransNIIproekt» USSR State Construction Committee, which included the Kharkov department «PromtransNIIproekt»;

1980 — converted into a branch of the State Design Institute «Kharkiv Promtransproekt» association «SoyuzpromtransNIIproekt» directly subordinate to the USSR State Construction;

1990 — Order of the USSR State Committee for discontinued operations «Kharkiv Promtransproekt» as a state institution, and he converted to rental company. And since October 1991 leased enterprise «Kharkov Institute Promtransproekt» referred to the submission of the State Construction Committee of Ukraine.

1994 — on the basis of rental companies to create a closed joint stock company «Kharkov Institute Promtransproekt.»

2011 — Renaming of the Institute in Private Joint Stock Company «Kharkov Institute Promtransproekt.»

The list of projects of the institute built facilities for its history so vast that it would be difficult to fit in a multi-volume. These projects carried out the construction of transport facilities the largest steel mills, machine building industry, coking plants, mining and processing, chemical complex objects, and other sectors of the economy of Ukraine and most of the former Soviet Union.

A large amount of work has been done on the design of continuous modes of transport (pipeline, cable-suspended), mechanization of loading and unloading, as well as to develop model projects of service and technical buildings industrial vehicles, mechanized warehouses, depots, diesel locomotives, equipping items and others.

The geography of activities of the Institute and by entering the markets of the CIS countries.

Today the private joint-stock company «Kharkov Institute Promtransproekt» boldly looks to the future and ready to solve the most complicated engineering tasks for the design of construction projects of high class products.


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