«Kharkiv Promtransproject Institute» elaborates design documentation concerning construction of buildings and structures of industrial and civil purposes, even involving severe natural  conditions:
RC «Zarechny», Kharkov
  • production and storage facilities of all types and complexes of them
  • logistics centers, railway stations, gas stations and other special purposes facilities;
  • Administrative buildings and homes;
  • civil buildings (residential, public, office, trade and catering, hotels, etc.).
  • farmsteads;
  • Crew residential complexes.

The project documentation is developed subject to:

  • Modern architectural solutions that take into account urban development, climatic conditions and the nature of the surrounding buildings;
  • Rational space-planning decisions;
  • Constructive solutions corresponding to the responsibility level of the buildings;
  • fire safety Measures;
    and ensuring:
  • Safe building operation;
Shopping Mall, Makhachkala, Russian Federation
Shopping Mall, Makhachkala, Russian Federation
  • Regulatory sanitation conditions, including the optimal parameters of the microclimate and air quality;
  • Illumination and insolation corresponding to the relevant regulatory requirements;
  • Effective and efficient color decoration of interiors and facades;
  • Improvement of the building territory;
  • Compact building placing in the master plan;
  • Convenient pedestrian access and transport services;
  • Modern engineering systems and equipment.
During the reconstruction and repair of buildings and facilities the Institute is conducting a survey of their technical condition for the elimination of defects and undertaking the necessary measures for their safe and reliable future operation.