«Kharkiv Promtransproject Institute» elaborates design documentation concerning construction, reconstruction, major overhaul of artificial structures, even involving severe natural conditions:

  • bridges;
  • overpasses;
  • viaducts;
  • transport and pedestrian tunnels;
  • anti-deformation facilities;
  • culverts.

Project documentation is developed in complex projects or as separate objects on railways and roads to ensure:

  • Choosing the best option for technical and economic indicators of the construction and operation;
  • Reliability, durability and uninterrupted operation of facilities;
  • Safety and smoothness of movement of vehicles, safety of pedestrians;
  • Pass estimated floods and ice floating on watercourses;
  • The use of modern materials and structures, documentation and implementation of advanced building technologies;
Bridge on dry land
Bridge on dry land
  • Economical use of materials, fuel and energy resources;
  • High rates of construction, industrialization;
  • Use of parts and materials that meet the standards and specifications;
  • Minimal impact on the environment with the maintenance of ecological balance and protection of fish resources;
  • Supervision and scientific and technical support of construction.

During the reconstruction and overhaul of artificial structures the Institute is conducting a survey of their technical condition for the elimination of defects and undertaking the necessary measures for their safe and reliable future operation.