«Kharkiv Promtransproject Institute» elaborates design documentation concerning construction, reconstruction, major overhaul of complex and individual motor transport objects, even involving severe natural  conditions at all stages of design, including:
Reconstruction of the Poltavskyi Shlyah street, Kharkiv
  • Highways of all categories;
  • Access roads for industrial enterprises and organizations;
  • Urban roads and streets;
  • Intra and onsite roads.

The complex design of road transport also includes the following activities and facilities:

  • Economic research;
  • Assessment of capacity, the accident rate and the load level of the road;
  • Traffic management;
  • Complex construction of roads;
  • Roundabouts, intersections and junctions;
  • Bridge construction;
  • Pedestrian crossings in one and different levels;
  • Garages
Visualization of Kiev—Kovel Highway
  • Weight control stations;
  • Transport registration stations;
  • Service facilities;
Belgorod—Ahtyrka Highway
  • Gas stations;
  • Washing stops;
  • Inspection ramps;
  • Warehouses and logistics bases with comprehensive mechanization of cargo handling and storage operations;
  • Facilities for the production of construction materials and products;
  • A comprehensive environmental impact assessment and protection measures development;
  • Road maintenance services;
  • Visualization of the design consideration (including the traffic flow dynamics);
  • Construction supervision.