«Kharkiv Promtransproject Institute» performs full range of basic engineering surveys for the construction:

  • Topographical surveys;
  • Engineering and geological surveys;
  • Engineering and environmental surveys.

Experience of professionals, modern equipment allow Surveying to quickly and efficiently carry out the following activities:


  • Specialized engineering surveys, including the tracing of railways and roads;
  • Surveying of existing railways and roads;
  • Certification of railways and roads;
  • Creation and development of geodetic networks;
  • ordnance survey;
  • Engineering and Topographical plans revision;
  • Complex engineering and geodetic surveys;
  • Processing of survey materials and creation of engineering plans in a digital terrain model with the help of modern software, as well as the preparation of technical report;
  • Geodetic support and supervision of the construction and operation of buildings and structures.


  • Route monitoring;
  • Mine workings;
  • Comprehensive research and laboratory analysis:
  • Of physical and mechanical properties of soils;
  • Of chemical composition of soils and water;
  • The study bases of buildings and structures;
  • Complex geological engineering;
  • Treatment of materials research and the creation of the technical report;
  • Geological supervision of construction and operation of buildings and structures.


  • img_0491Route monitoring;
  • Mine workings;
  • Radiation survey of the site;
  • Survey of noise pollution;
  • Comprehensive research and laboratory analysis:
  • Of chemical and biological composition of soils;
  • Of agrochemical soil properties;
  • Of the chemical composition of surface water and groundwater;
  • Defining environmental constraints;
  • Materials research analysis and preparation of the technical report;
  • Thematic mapping.