Engineering survey — geodetic, geological, hydro-meteorological.

Integrated design and design supervision of construction:

Rail stations abutting a common network and industrial enterprises;

External access and internal railway tracks;

automated control systems for train and shunting work;

roads total network access and in-road industry;

bridges, overpasses, traffic and pedestrian tunnels, protivodeformatsionnyh structures;

mechanization of cargo fronts and individual operations;

service and technical buildings, posts, EC, bases and ways to repair the neighborhood;

facilities repair of railway rolling stock from the locomotive depots of different power bases and to the closed items of equipment of the rolling stock;

transport companies for rolling stock of all types of service stations;

garages and parking lots;

production bases for road-building, construction and road maintenance organizations;

all types of warehouses and storage facilities, equipped with modern machinery;

continuous transport for highways, interplant and intrashop relations;

buildings and structures for industrial and civil use, including residential areas and housing estates, some residential buildings and complexes;

Gas stations;

external and intra-utilities;

power supply and lighting facilities and installations;

master plans.

Development of technological processes of the industrial vehicle.

Specialized, engineering, expert advisory and other services and activities (inventory of land, the design of fire protection systems, alarms and alerts, survey of technical condition of buildings and structures, etc.)

Implementation of design, survey, cadastral, expert — consulting and other work

Compile and disseminate best practices in rail and road transport with the introduction of science and technology

The development of normative and methodological materiallov Industrial Transport